Before proceeding refer to the information on Traders' University on the website. 

If you wish to learn how to invest in the markets you must start from scratch learning it LIVE by:

  1. attending live streaming sessions;
  2. watching trading lessons;
  3. having 1-to1 coaching; 
  4. collaborating in real time with our team;
  5. following the guidance of the world's best traders since IPO
  6. learn the basics as well as the most advanced topics including proprietary trading rules proven to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

By enrolling into a Live Trading Course you continue following up the investment process in leading global companies. Our live trading course is truly a dynamic and interactive course. Others are static courses, often managed by incompetent individuals without any credibility or track record.  

You need a trading methodology which has proven to be consistently reliable across different market conditions during the past twenty seven years. 

We have the track record. We offer results. Others make promises and fake claims. That's just one of many differences between our Live Trading Course compared to the rest..