1. To have a high speed internet connection;

2. To have access to mobile devices besides a desktop allowing one to have permanent access to sensitive information, and in certain cases might be required to install software;

3. To have a valid mobile number;

4. Before getting involved in actual trading at your own risk, it is strongly recommended to attend a trading course

5. It is required a basic understanding of trading (example:  how to place an order, short selling, margin account, etc)

6. To have experience installing software on a desktop or mobile device as well as navigating on the web. 

7. Although live streaming works on any browser, it is highly recommended the use of an iPAD since the experience is perfect without any technical issues.



It is NOT a requirement


1. To have a broker account since clients do not have to trade or invest in the markets.  For more information on this matter, refer to Disclaimer.