Unlike common belief the company does have many clients with rather small accounts - many started with capital as low as $20,000, in some cases even less. 

Since you're not required to become a paying client to benefit from the information available on the site, it is recommended 

  1. the use of our Live Blog
  2. the use of complimentary live streaming sessions
  3. the use of our traders' insight newsletter
  4. follow up our team on social media channels where they offer free trade alerts and live commentary
  5. attend complimentary and paid webinars for a very low price

I strongly suggest the use of our webinars since you have Vieira discussing basic and advanced topics for traders. For a very low fee you can learn a lot on how to invest in the markets, but also saving save lots of money!

Depending on the topic it might be required a low fee per attendee to cover the company expenses for the webinar.