Before addressing this question in its plenitude let me state the following: the company mission is not to provide information to mass market but to a relatively small number of leading global firms and professionals which then disseminate our information to their own clients.

As of today there are more than 15,000 installations on live streaming trading spread around the globe. You can read some reviews here as well as audio and digitally signed reviews

Before proceeding it is important to know that the company does not have any dedicated sales team, nor has ever advertised its services on major platforms including Google. Also, the company has never accepted any offers for marketing or advertising on its website. The bulk of our sales does not even occur on the site at stockmarketLIVE.TV given the size of deals. All questions and sales related to professionals are dealt by Mr. Vieira himself.

With regards to web traffic data, you have in the following picture the most recent data taken from during Christmas holidays 2016 - 178,135 most visited website in the United States. 

As you can see on this article the company maintains one of the fastest websites in the world. 


Please notice that this data should not be taken as a good measure of our global presence since it can vary substantially and suddenly. Let me explain it: if the company runs live streaming on its own website traffic rises exponentially, however for privacy and confidentiality reasons it is rather common to run live streaming trading for professionals on third party platforms - in this case web traffic decreases substantially.

Furthermore, most of the sensitive information available to our clients is is not located on the domain stockmarketLIVE.TV

Live streaming for non professionals runs on the website, however the ratio of professional clients versus non-professionals is around 91% which explains the relatively low position 178,135 most visited website in the USA. 

Also, notice the metrics bouncing rate, number of pages per visitor and time spent on the site vary according to the number of service the company decides to run at a given time, but generally speaking these metrics are some of the best in any industry

bouncing rate: 47.7%

daily pages per viewer: 4.5

daily time on site: 4.53 

Finally, the traffic on the picture concerns stockmarketLIVE.TV website only, but our team has multiple domains and further websites dedicated to several areas of expertise which traffic is not considered herein. 

To resume considering the total traffic and number of installations our position is considerably higher than most hedge funds and some well-known investment firms worldwide. Although it may be pleasant for one, it is not relevant for us since the company does not measure its success by web traffic generated, number of social media followers, etc.  

It should also be underlined that the hedge fund and investment bank industry it is not our competition.