It can happen because our stock picks moves pretty fast often within a very short term time frame. SMS silver monthly plan has limitations compared to the annual plans.

As an example if a stock pick moves 15% or more during your subscription it is automatically terminated - this does NOT happen in the SMS annual and gold monthly and annual plans. 

Example: SMS trade alert issued to buy $ACAD $30 within five days share price rallies to $40 - your SMS silver subscription expired within five days

Why does it happen?

The company practices a fair pricing policy. In the previous example client purchased 20,000 $ACAD shares at $30 selling at $40 making $200,000 within five days while paying to the company around 4%. This is not acceptable. 

What do you suggest?

Annual plans have by far better return on investment. Clients using this service subscribe to annual plans. It is not common to see traders' subscribing to the monthly plan except during their first month.