Actually, you don't need one. Most people attending our live trading courses are not looking for to obtain a certificate, however, if you wish to work for us it is mandatory. Therefore, if you wish to have a six or seven digit salary CERTIFICATION is mandatory. 

Certification it is not compulsory, i..e one can attend one of our live trading courses without going through the certification process. 

Take my case - I started as a subscriber - today, I am working in the team. I demonstrated that I was capable of doing it obtaining high scores in very demanding tasks and assignments during a long period of time. Vieira addressed my own story in the Blog of the company when several years ago I invested in Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) remaining long for several years despite Wall Street continuous downgrades. I understood the methodology, I learned about the game ending up profiting from one of the best stock market performers in history.