Before addressing this question in its plenitude let me state the following: the company mission is not to provide information to the mass market but to a relatively small number of leading global firms and professionals which then disseminate our information to their own clients.

As of today, there are more than 7,000 clients, and 15,000 installations spread around the globe. You can read some reviews here as well as live interviews and reviews

This figure includes some of the largest banks in the world, very small and professional investors. As an example, we have a client in Asia with more than 1,000 installations

With regards to web traffic data, you have in the following picture the most recent data taken from during Christmas holidays 2016 - 178,135 most visited website in the United States. 

As you can see in this article the company maintains one of the fastest websites in the world. 


Please notice that this data should not be taken as a good measure of our global presence since it can vary substantially and suddenly. Going forward most of the services do not operate on the website of the company, but in apps which have no influence on web traffic.