For small investors, the opinion of our clients is unanimous - it is highly recommended to subscribe to Artificial Intelligence for small investors (AI 101)

The following available interview was recorded with a client of an old version, meanwhile, discontinued. Back then subscription prices were higher, they did not have access to the autonomous trading app or any artificial intelligence trade signals. Back then, they had an immediate return on investment - listen to the interviews.

Today, their return on investment is far higher, they have access to the app, more features, and artificial intelligence level 3. The current version of the service is far superior to previous versions, therefore the names changed. 

Given the fact the return on investment is so high compared to the price of the service there is a profit level limit for all services for small investors. This is not the case with services for professionals. 

For professional investors, it is highly recommended to subscribe to our most popular service - artificially intelligent autonomous trading which is far superior to artificial intelligence for small investors (AI 101)